We are a business consultancy company, a provider of high quality customer-oriented services performed globally and helping various clients from all over the world.

Our long experience exceeding 20 years and high demands on our staff qualification guarantees highest quality of our services
and aspiration for maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Our field of operations includes but is not limited to: establishing, managing and administration of companies, trusts and foundations, corporate re-structuring, corporate tax advisory, tax compliance, wealth protection, back office services and legal advice and representation, foreign investment and foreign market entry.

We cooperate with well-known reliable subcontractors in various jurisdictions are we are proactive in searching for new business opportunities and new markets

Confidentiality and discretion of our clients is our first and most important fundamental, we are interested in building long time relationships with our clients and providing complex care of their assets.

Our client portfolio represents mix of established companies, prosperous family businesses, investment funds
and individuals operating in wide range of business sectors.